Team Rules

The equipment has to be monitored at all times by an adult

  1. The customer will be responsible for any damage to the equipment or accident caused by improper use of the equipment during the activity

  2. The equipment must be located at least 2 feet away from any surfaces on all sides. It is very important at this point so you cannot accidently break the equipment.

  3. It is mandatory to use stakes or sandbag and blanket that protects the floor.

  4. NO ENTERING with gum, shoes, glasses, food, liquids, toys , chains, pins or any sharp object.

  5. Do not jump on the top edge of the slide bounce, do not push

  6. Giant Tropical slide only for children 5 years and over

  7. NO PETS inside or around the inflatable at any time.

  8. It is not allow to open a piñata inside the inflatable.

  9. Is recommended to enter by size and weight.

  10. DO NOT mix younger kids with smaller kids to prevent an accident.

  11. NO WRESTLING, NO somersaults, or any type of violent game to avoid injuries.

  12. Adults are not allowed in some of the houses due to safety measures.(only apply to bounce houses for kids )

  13. It is not allowed to bounce against walls or pillars of support, inside or outside the Inflable. It can cause the equipment to collapse the side fence or the roof down.

  14. Read the rules and instructions provided by Tachi’s Bouncing Houses. Check the capacity of children for each team.

  15. The equipment is NOT be used in winds exceeding 15 mph. If the wind change or increase speed during the activity please remove all participants from the unit and deflate completely.

  16. In case of rain the equipment MUST be unplug and deflate

  17. Do not allow children to play near the motor or fan. They can cause disconnection to the equipment and it will deflate.

  18. In case of power failure, children must leave the unit immediately calmly and slow.

Have fun at your own risk

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